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Getting Started with BEACN Mix Create

BEACN Mix Create is an advanced audio mixer for content creators. With features like submixes, mute modes, and knob paging, this type of audio control has never been so attainable. BEACN Mix Create requires the BEACN App software to use, so make sure

How to reorder knobs on BEACN Mix Create

One of the great features of BEACN Mix Create is that it has knob paging allowing for easy control of all knobs with a simple push of a button. You are also able to reorder those knobs to have them organized per page to your liking. To reorder the kn

How to select a Microphone as your Mic output in BEACN App

When setting up BEACN Mix Create, you may encounter your Microphone not being outputted to the BEACN Mix Create "Voice Chat Mic" output. In this article we will cover how to select your Microphone for the "Voice Chat Mic" (or "Mic" as it is seen in t

How to change the name of your BEACN Device in the BEACN App

Open the BEACN App and click settings Click the little pencil icon next to Device Name: and start typing the name you want and hit enter

How to change the color of the buttons under the knobs on BEACN Mix Create

On BEACN Mix Create you are able to change the color of the knob indicator band as well as the membrane mute it links to. To change the color double click on the colored band just underneath the knob name in the BEACN App. A color selection popup wil

Understanding and using the routing table on BEACN Mix Create

The routing table included in the BEACN Mixing Suite on BEACN Mix Create and BEACN Mic is a powerful component that allows you to choose where to route your audio. In this article we will break down understanding the routing table and how to best uti

How to add/remove knobs on BEACN Mix Create

The BEACN app makes it really easy to add or remove knobs from your BEACN Mix Create. This allows you to choose what devices are used shown in the BEACN app based on your needs. When adding hardware knobs the Aux1/Aux2 devices are taken over (The aux

Using your Audience Mix to set volumes for your audience on BEACN Mix Create

BEACN Mix Create and BEACN Mic (using the BEACN Mixing Suite) gives you the ability to individually manage how you hear your audio sources versus how your audience hears them. This is often referred to as submixing. In this article we are going to wa

How to rename an application on BEACN Mix Create

The BEACN app makes it really easy to adjust the name of your applications. This allows you to shorten applications with long names or applications with non-standard names. "FactoryGame-Win64-Shipping" which is actually Satisfactory.

Setting your Default Devices using the BEACN App

In a recent update, we added the ability for you to change your Default Audio Devices in Windows directly in the BEACN app. This article will show you how to change them and how to reset them to BEACN recommended defaults. BEACN's recommended Default

Assigning Apps in BEACN Software

Assigning applications in BEACN software has never been easier. We have implemented a drag and drop system for our applications! This article will detail and show that functionality, as well as how to assign them in windows.

Setting up BEACN Products in a Dual PC Setup

Setting up a dual PC setup with BEACN hardware can seem difficult! This article is going to simplify the process for you with step by step instructions on our recommended configuration. 2 (two) 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio cables (its important to use a TRS

How to toggle the personal mix on BEACN Mix Create?

There are 2 ways that you can you can toggle the personal mix on BEACN Mix Create. You can press and hold any of the 4 knobs for 1.5 seconds to toggle between personal mixes. Under the Personal Listening Mix is a little toggle switch that will allow

How do I setup OBS/Streamlabs Desktop/Stream Elements OBS with BEACN Mix Create?

Setting up BEACN Mix Create in OBS for the first time is really simple. This article is a readable version of the video above. OBS/SLOBS/Stream Elements:. This article uses OBS 28, but these steps work the same in Streamlabs Desktop as well as the St

Does BEACN Mix Create work without the BEACN app running?

No. BEACN Mix Create requires the BEACN App in order to correctly communicate with the hardware device. Without the app running, we have no way of relaying commands to your audio system and/or changing what's on the screen. You can select various beh

Why are there several new USB audio devices on my system?

BEACN Mix Create is able to route your applications and hardware devices in a variety of ways, allowing for mute modes and submixes. To do this, we create "virtual" USB audio devices. These devices, from your computer's point of view, act the same wa

What is a submix?

A submix is a different mix of audio that can be sent somewhere you choose. It can mean that audio has different levels or that audio exists in one mix and not in another. For content creation, this usually means that you'll hear a mix that differs f

Can I reassign the submix button?

The submix button cannot be reassigned as it's a core part of the design for BEACN Mix Create. Easily switching between audience and personal mixes is something we always want to be clear and accessible.

What is a "mute mode" and how do I set it up?

Mute modes allow you to control "where" something is muted when you press the button below a knob on BEACN Mix Create. Sometimes, when you're broadcasting, muting everywhere isn't the best option. We give you three different choices for mute control,

Is it possible to change the volume level of a browser tab independently?

BEACN Mix Create sends the entire application or program offered to it by Windows to the USB audio device you choose (like BEACN Mix Create - Browser), so there's no way to separate various tab audio onto different knobs for independent control, but

What is knob paging?

Knob paging allows you to have more than four knobs to control, even though the hardware has four physical knobs on it. When using the BEACN App, pressing the + button allows you to add more knobs, based on virtual USB audio devices or attached hardw

Can I change what the buttons below the knobs do?

Yes!. Currently, the buttons below the knobs are designated as MUTE buttons, but you can change the mute behavior of that button. Mutes modes can be set as follows:. We have plans to add more functions to the buttons in the future. Stay tuned!

Can I control each program assigned to a knob independently?

No, that's not possible. BEACN Mix Create generates several virtual USB audio devices inside your computer to give you flexibility in controlling multiple applications or hardware with a knob. You can assign any program to one of the available knobs.