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Assigning Apps in BEACN SoftwareUpdated a year ago

Assigning applications in BEACN software has never been easier. We have implemented a drag and drop system for our applications! This article will detail and show that functionality, as well as how to assign them in windows.


Assigning apps in BEACN software:

  1. Make sure the app you are assigning is playing audio.
  2. In the BEACN app, under the Assignments tab, there is a column called Applications
  3. Drag the application to the desired knob



How to assign applications in Windows volume mixer
  1. Click start and type in Sound mixer options and hit enter
  2. At the volume mixer screen, find the desired app and click the down chevron next to it, and change the output device to the desired output device

  3. Close the volume mixer. The BEACN app will reflect the change you made in windows.
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