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What is a submix?Updated a year ago

A submix is a different mix of audio that can be sent somewhere you choose. It can mean that audio has different levels or that audio exists in one mix and not in another. For content creation, this usually means that you'll hear a mix that differs from what your audience hears.

Here are a few examples of where a submix might be beneficial for you:

  1. You want to listen to music at a different level than your audience
    • Keeping your music lower (or even off) in your mix might help you hear gameplay audio better
  2. You want to separate your music from your VOD Track.
  3. Your gameplay needs to be significantly louder for you than makes sense for your audience


Playing copyrighted music and removing it from your VOD using the VOD Track mix MAY NOT protect you from DMCA strikes. To avoid this entirely, we always recommend exploring Copyright free music.

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