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How do I find the BEACN App Version and Firmware Version?

To find your BEACN App version and Firmware version, simply click on the settings button (Cog Icon) to bring up the settings page. Firmware version will be under Device Information and your App version will be under App Information. You may have to c

How do I make the BEACN App startup in the System Tray?

To make the BEACN App start in the System Tray, follow the below steps:

Why did my Windows Default Audio Devices change?

Windows Default Audio Devices can change due to a number of reasons. This is often how Windows handles new or updated devices:. If this occurs, you can set your default devices in the BEACN App. You can learn how to do that here.

How to find and restart the Windows audio endpoint builder to fix slow device enumeration

There are instances where certain applications like Teams, Discord, and other apps can cause Windows to slowly enumerate the BEACN virtual devices. One way to help the enumeration process is to restart the Windows audio endpoint builder. This is loca

Known Issues

Why doesn't my BEACN device start on PC boot or wake?

We have had reports of instances where powered USB hubs are causing issues with a BEACN device's ability to boot with the system on startup or on wake from sleep. This issue has been noted to happen when BEACN devices were plugged directly into power

How to update your BIOS

While working with our Technical Support team, you may be asked to update your BIOS. While updating your BIOS can be tricky, most motherboard manufacturers have documentation on how to do this, and our technical support staff is equipped to help make

Clean uninstalling BEACN App and Drivers using Revo Uninstaller

Sometimes when uninstalling an application from your machine, it can leave behind remnants in the registry and other areas, which can sometimes lead to unexpected behavior if you reinstall the program. We've seen this happen in some instances with ou

Where are device profiles stored?

You device profiles can be found in %HOMEPATH%/Documents/BEACN. It's recommended that you copy that folder someplace safe if you are planning to reinstall Windows/reinstall BEACN app, or if you plan to move the files to a second system.

Why can't I reopen the app after closing the window?

Currently, closing the app by clicking the "X" in the window does not actually close the app but places it into the background processes and into your system tray in the bottom right of Windows. In order restore the window you will either need to go

After updating, why does the app ask to update again?

There is currently a known bug with the installer, where if you originally installed the app and selected the "Only Me" Option (Installs to %localappdata%\Programs\BEACN) instead of the "Everyone" Option (Installs to C:\Program Files\BEACN) OR select

Why do I not have audio after setting my Personal Mix Device in the app?

There a few reasons why you may not have audio to you personal mix device after setting it in the BEACN App. This article will go over a few of the main ones we have seen along with the common symptoms that may help you figure out which issue you are