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How to update your BIOSUpdated a year ago

While working with our Technical Support team, you may be asked to update your BIOS. While updating your BIOS can be tricky, most motherboard manufacturers have documentation on how to do this, and our technical support staff is equipped to help make sure you succeed in updating.

Below is a list of articles for major motherboard manufacturers and how to update the BIOS accordingly:

ASUS How to update your ASUS BIOS
Gigabyte How to update your Gigabyte BIOS
MSI How to update your MSI BIOS
ASRock How to update your ASRock BIOS
EVGA How to update your EVGA BIOS



Before updating your BIOS, you will want to make sure to mark down any settings you might have changed from default. This includes things like XMP, DOCP, AMP, Hard Drive Boot Order, etc.

When you update your BIOS, it will default back to how it was setup initially.

Only update your BIOS if instructed to by a Technical Support Representative or there is a BIOS release that fixes a security vulnerability or patch.

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