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After updating, why does the app ask to update again?Updated a year ago

There is currently a known bug with the installer, where if you originally installed the app and selected the "Only Me" Option (Installs to %localappdata%\Programs\BEACN) instead of the "Everyone" Option (Installs to C:\Program Files\BEACN) OR selected "Everyone" but chose a location other than the C drive, then the update installer places the update files in the "Everyone" location instead. 

This causes 2 application installs to exist and 2 Shortcuts in your best results search menu. (One for the updated app and the other for the old app)


Currently, if you would still like to keep your install to "Only Me" or a drive other than C:\, you would need to copy the files from the updated app to the old app location.

Fixing the issue:

The best option currently is to fully uninstall both versions of the app using Revo uninstaller (Has a free portable version) or similar (CCleaner, IOBit, etc...) and then reinstall the app from, making sure to keep the "Everyone" box selected and not change the default install location.

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