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How to find and restart the Windows audio endpoint builder to fix slow device enumerationUpdated a year ago

There are instances where certain applications like Teams, Discord, and other apps can cause Windows to slowly enumerate the BEACN virtual devices.

One way to help the enumeration process is to restart the Windows audio endpoint builder. This is located in your Windows Services.

How to restart the service

  1. In Windows search for "services.msc" and select the best match.

  2. Scroll down until you find the start of the Windows Services, the first should be "Windows Audio" and the one under it is the "Windows Audio Endpoint Builder" which is the service we are looking for.

  3. Right click on the service and select restart, You should get a popup that notifies you that other services may also restart, this is fine just select yes.

  4. Once the Service has been restarted check if the devices are now responding and showing in Windows properly


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