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Known IssuesUpdated 6 months ago

Known Issues
  • BEACN App

    • Some elements of the app do not scale the way we would like.
    • Assignments Tab - When changing a default recording device via drop-down, if there is a playback device with the same name, the playback default is set instead of recording default
    • Assignments Tab - Any non-BEACN device that has a friendly name like "System" or "Chat" will show up teal in the default devices dropdown and not show an error if selected
    • If app is fully maximized and start to tray is enabled, the app does not start to the tray but displays the window instead
    • Application label not showing under all devices that the application is playing audio to
    • Profiles are cut off in Fullscreen mode
    • If you highlight your profile to get the controls and then move to the right quickly the controls don't disappear
    • Personal Listening Device volume slider doesn't un-mute Windows
  • BEACN Mic

    • When creating a new mic profile, changes made to that profile do not trigger the unsaved changes dot or the save changes prompt on app close
    • Noise Suppression resetting to snapshot - This is a UI bug, As long as the noise suppression was saved in adaptive mode adaptive will still run.
  • BEACN Mix

    • Some apps assigned to knob do not control volume or mute audio source.
    • Mute states not syncing
    • Once a personal mix device has been assigned to a profile you cannot assign it to any other profiles new or existing
    • Changing Personal Listening Device via press and hold or toggle causes the default communications device to also change
    • Muting Personal Listening Device via knob does not actually mute while muting via software does
    • Multiple program instances not receiving volume changes
    • Cannot add playback device to a knob after removing it
Resolved Issues

App V1.0.357

  • BEACN App

    • Added brightness slider for screen brightness and button brightness
    • Added an adjustable timer for screen dimming

App V1.0.332

  • BEACN App

    • Implemented dragging an app off of a knob to set it to unassigned
  • BEACN Mix Create

    • Mix Create screen will now return to original brightness after dimming

App V1.0.329

  • BEACN App

    • Fixed slow app start-up
    • App assignments will no longer reset after install or driver update
    • Fixed some device crashes when updating firmware
    • Fixed some small font sizes on the Mic UI
    • Non-BEACN devices with similar friendly names will no longer show up in teal and will show the correct error when selected
  • BEACN Mix

    • Mute states now sync correctly

App V1.0.281

  • BEACN App

    • Audio stutters/hitching with Automatic Default Device Reset
    • UI bug related to changing the output device for the BEACN app in Windows
    • will now reset its output device in Windows if it is set incorrectly
  • BEACN Mic

    • Copying Voice Chat Mic could cause a crash
    • Voice Chat Mic dropdown to only show applicable devices

App V1.0.273

  • BEACN App

    • Application assignments will now persist through updates
    • Scaling issue when the app is made to be more vertical than horizontal
  • BEACN Mic

    • Mic EQ plot is now smoother

App V1.0.238

  • BEACN App

    • upgraded to 64 bit
    • Optimize system resource usage
    • Issue with BEACN Mic needing to be rechecked after sleep or restart
    • Improve driver detection for OTA updates
    • When Mic knob is removed and readded it would show up as Mic Relay instead of Mic
    • Font Scaling issues with some Personal Listening Devices
    • If you have 8 knobs on a profile and switched, the add knob button is gone
    • Setting both listening devices on a new profile before toggling will set one of their volumes to 0
    • Change App from OpenGL for rendering
    • "Learn More" button on Mic Mixing not opening article for feature use
    • UI Rendering Transparent bug
    • Make UI on App more interactive
  • BEACN Mic

    • LED now turns off when app is closed or computer goes to sleep
    • Mic Mixing causing App crashes in some instances
  • BEACN Mix Create & Mic

    • ASIO stems now show up correctly in certain DAWS
  • BEACN Mix Create & Mix

    • Improve how we handle images on Mix and Mix Create screen to reduce memory consumption
  • BEACN Mix Create

    • Mute icon not showing up on Mix Create on first boot
    • Mute button changes color while muted if you changed knob color
    • Fader paging drawing issues

App V1.0.188

  • BEACN App

    • Added additional error checking and reporting to the routing library component
    • Fixed VoD Track volume being set to Personal Mix volume
    • Fixed heap corruption and stability issues

App V1.0.178

  • BEACN Mic

    • VoD Track not working correctly for people only using BEACN Mic with advanced mixing

App V1.0.177

  • BEACN App

    • Correct some spelling in app
    • Save button states to profile
    • Fix bugs related to BEACN profiles
    • Change color of minimize, maximize, close, and App Volume and Device Preferences buttons
    • Update app to use new JUCE library
    • Sleep/wake issues
  • BEACN Mic

    • Fixed Advanced settings for Expander and Compressor not being saved

App V1.0.156

  • BEACN App

    • Fix routing issues with the speed of enumeration of devices for mic and mix create is slower than the speed of initializing the UI and all the elements which drive it
    • BEACN App - Add a timer so retries for device routing occurs
    • BEACN App - Implement a OpenGL fix to stop memory leaks
    • BEACN App - Selected PLD disconnecting and reconnecting. app should reroute audio for the PLD
    • BEACN App - Adjust timings for the device routing
    • BEACN App - crash with Mix Create when dragging an unlocked mixer into a panel with three locked mixers
    • BEACN App - Voice chat volume issue found where changing volumes on the mic fader wasn't affecting the chat mic output volume
    • BEACN App - small issue where a mixer UI saved to monitor the output mix UI wasn't highlighted
    • BEACN App - Issues with 0 or 1 size fonts showing up in Personal Mix boxes fixed
  • BEACN Mic

    • Advanced mixing for BEACN Mic should not show up if Mix Create is plugged in

App V1.0.146

  • BEACN App

    • Add Tutorial Content
    • Fixed Tooltips not showing correctly
    • Routing Table Column for Hardware device not being saved
    • Reassign hardware to correct knob when plugged back in
  • BEACN Mic

    • Implement Mic sleeping

App V1.0.141

  • BEACN App

    • Fix USB communication issues
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