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Can I rename the knobs on BEACN Mix Create?

Currently renaming knobs on BEACN Mix Create is not supported as the knob names are set to match the virtual devices created by our driver. If this is something you'd like to see in a future update, please click here to go to our idea board and upvot

Why does my app bounce back to the previous device when routing with drag and drop?

Some applications do not like to follow Windows's "App volume & device preferences" routing assignments. There is an application that we previously recommended (EarTrumpet) that made those assignments "stickier" so that they actually hold their assig

Why do I have static/crackle on BEACN Mix Create when adding my microphone interface?

If you experience crackling/static when adding your interface into BEACN Mix create our first suggestion is to check your interfaces support website for driver updates for that specific interface. Some interfaces (for example: Scarlett solo and 2i2)