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Can I connect more than one BEACN Mic to my PC?

While you can plug more than one BEACN Mic into your PC and they will work and be assignable in Windows, BEACN App can currently only control microphone settings for the first mic plugged in. However if you plan or want to use multiple BEACN Mics, yo

Why does the LED ring on BEACN Mic not change color when muting with BEACN Mix Create?

BEACN Mic's mute mode changes only respond to Windows-level mutes, not application-level mutes. For example, currently BEACN Mic listens for the Windows device to be directly muted to change the LED ring (you can see this when muting the "Microphone

Why does my app bounce back to the previous device when routing with drag and drop?

Some applications do not like to follow Windows's "App volume & device preferences" routing assignments. There is an application that we previously recommended (EarTrumpet) that made those assignments "stickier" so that they actually hold their assig

People hear pops in my microphone. What's wrong?

Pops in your microphone are also known as "plosives" and occur most commonly when saying words with B and P sounds in them. BEACN Mic has three components designed to reduce plosives:. Here are some other tips that can further reduce plosives. If you