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Getting Started with BEACN Mix

BEACN Mix is an audio controller for Windows. We collect all of your audio sources and make them easily assignable to a knob - so control of your audio is right at your fingertips. We designed BEACN Mix not to require any drivers. The best part? BEAC

Does BEACN Mix support submixes?

BEACN Mix does not support submixes. The nature of the product is that it reaches into the operating system and controls volumes available via that system. There are no audio devices created by BEACN Mix to facilitate submixing. If you are interested

Does BEACN Mix support knob paging?

No. BEACN Mix is intended to give you simple and easy control over audio presented in your computer's audio mixer. If you are interested in advanced features, like knob paging, submixes and more, we suggest you check out BEACN Mix Create.

How to toggle the personal mix on BEACN Mix?

There are 2 ways that you can you can toggle the personal mix on BEACN Mix. You can press and hold any of the 4 knobs for 1.5 seconds to toggle between personal mixes. Under the Personal Listening Mix is a little toggle switch that will allow you to

How to rename an application on BEACN Mix

The BEACN app makes it really easy to adjust the name of your applications. This allows you to shorten applications with long names or applications with non-standard names. "FactoryGame-Win64-Shipping" which is actually Satisfactory.

Can I control each program assigned to a knob independently?

In short, no, but it's how BEACN Mix was designed. For simplicity, we allow you to drag and drop several programs to one knob. In most cases, like games, music programs, video players, etc. you'll only be listening to or using one of each type of pro

Is it possible to change the volume level of a browser tab independently?

In short, no. BEACN Mix grabs the entire application or program offered to it by Windows, so there's no way to separate various tab audio into separate "programs". If there is an extension or other program available that would help Windows "see" each

Does BEACN Mix work without the BEACN app running?

No. BEACN Mix requires the BEACN App in order to correctly communicate with the hardware device. Without the app running, we have no way of relaying commands to your audio system and/or changing what's on the screen. You can select various behaviors