How to downmix your XLR interface to mono for use with BEACN Mix Create

Some XLR interfaces are set up where microphone audio will only come through the left channel. The following guide will explain how to set the interface to be mono so that it comes through the left and right channels equally.

  1. After your XLR interface is connected you will want to head into the windows sound control panel. You can get there by doing a search for "Change System Sounds" in your windows search bar and click on the result that matches the below image.


  2. Once in the sound settings you will want to select the recording tab and find your XLR interface.

  3. Next we need to right click on the XLR interface and go to its properties then advanced tab, and set the default format to 1 Channel, 32 bit, 96000Hz.


    In our example the XLR interface is "Microphone (USB Audio CODEC)" but your interface may show as something else



    Some interfaces may not do 96000Hz 32-bit audio, be sure to select the highest bit and sample rate that is closest to 32-bit 96000Hz.

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