Setting up BEACN Products in a Dual PC Setup (Streaming PC)

Setting up BEACN hardware in a dual PC setup with the hardware on your stream PC can be tricky. In this article we are going to detail how to do it!

What you'll need:

  • 2 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio cables (its important to use a TRS 3.5 cable, like the one below)mceclip0.png
  • BEACN hardware
  • You might require Ground Loop Isolators if you notice you are getting some humming or buzzing (similar to the one below)


Setup Guide:

  1. Setup your BEACN hardware on the Streaming PC. For the BEACN Mic, if your computer has a USB-C port on the motherboard, plug the BEACN Mic directly into it. For BEACN Mix and BEACN Mix Create, if you have USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports, try to use those where possible.
  2. Download and install the BEACN app from here.
  3. With your 3.5mm cables, run one cable from LINE OUT on your gaming PC, to LINE IN on your stream PC. Usually these ports are color coded.



    In the image above, Line In is Blue, with Line Out being Green. Always consult your motherboard manual for the most accurate information regarding these ports, as some motherboards color them differently, or not at all. This is just a reference

  4. With your second 3.5mm cable, you will want to run it from LINE OUT on the stream PC, to LINE IN on the Gaming PC. this is so you can send you voice chat mic audio over to the game PC for microphone input.
  5. On your Streaming PC, launch the BEACN app.
  6. Click the "+" button on the BEACN app, and click "Hardware"
  7. Once the Hardware knob appears, you will want to tick "Line In". This brings in the game audio to your stream PC, as well as allows you to monitor it.


    Setting up BEACN hardware on the streaming PC can cause some latency on the game coming back to your headphones through the BEACN Mic. We are currently investigating ways to fix this in a future update. Our recommendation is to setup BEACN hardware on the gaming PC if possible.

  8. On the ROUTING TABLE, you will want to click the little chevron on "Voice Chat Mic" and copy the Voice Chat Mic to Line Out. this will send your microphone back over to your game PC.
  9. Make sure that the Hardware column is ticked in the audience mix rowmceclip0.png
  10. Open up OBS on your Stream PC.
  11. Click "Settings" in the bottom right.
  12. Go to the "Audio" tab on the left.
  13. Change the Mic\Auxiliary Audio to "Audience Mix (BEACN Mix Create)"
  14. Disable the other audio tracks.
  15. Click Apply.
  16. Click Okay.
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