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How to adjust the dual collar adjustment on BEACN MicUpdated a year ago

BEACN Mic has a great feature that gives you better control over your Mic positioning. In this article we will show you how to use our dual collar adjustment to get your desired Mic position!

Steps to setting up your BEACN Mic on your mic arm:

  1. Screw the threaded collar onto your mic arm.


    BEACN Mic supports both 1/2" 12 threads per inch, and 5/8" 27 threads per inch stands. the smaller 12 threads per inch is reseated down into the threaded collar (there is a hole at the bottom). For this threading, if your mic arm has a mic stand washer at the top to stop the mic from screwing too far into the arm, you might need to remove it to reach the threading.

  2. Once the first collar is tight, turn the BEACN Mic to where you want it, so that you are speaking into the top of it.


  3. Once the BEACN Mic is positioned to where you want it, turn the second collar until it is tight.

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