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Can I cancel my order?Updated a year ago

You can cancel your order on the same day you created it.

If it's the following calendar day, it's likely that we'll be unable to cancel as we try to ship things as fast as possible. There's a balance between giving enough time for folks to change their mind vs. delaying getting products to people who want them. So, it's important to act quickly if you change your mind!

On your order confirmation page, you'll see some order options, including Cancel and Edit*.

Simply click on Cancel, then follow the steps. 




Editing your order will cancel your current one and remake another. This can be problematic if you are trying to add a product to your order that is out of stock. Double-check that the product page has "Add To Cart" available before editing your order. This is even more critical for products that are regularly sold out and may have high demand.

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