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BEACN Social Media and Public Forum Usage PolicyUpdated a year ago

At BEACN we encourage open and thoughtful communication between customers and staff. Conversations between you and BEACN or other customers are expected to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Do not DM or directly mention Staff unless instructed to do so or responding to their response to you. Some platforms, like Twitter, do have open DM's. 
  2. Racism, sexism, and derogatory language is prohibited. 
  3. Be respectful towards others' opinions. People have different preferences in terms of streaming gear, settings, etc. Giving advice and opinions on things is okay, harassing others for having different opinions is not okay. 
  4. Politics, religion, current world events, or any other sensitive topics are not allowed. 
  5. Our channels are family-friendly. Anything posted that isn't safe for work, school, or family will result in a timeout or ban depending on the severity of the infraction. 
  6. No solicitation of any kind, including sales or trades. 
  7. Be Constructive. If you are having issues, our team is here to help as best we can. However, our social channels are not a place to vent frustrations. Provide whatever information you can to help us lead you to a solution.
  8. Communication is expected in English only as we are unable to moderate other languages.



Failure to comply with the above rules can and will result in warnings, bans, blocks or any other mechanism at BEACN's disposal to prevent continued negative behavior.
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